LED light strips

I have been trying to get pre-programmed led lights with a battery to wear as a suit. Unfortunately I do not know how to program leds and I have virtually no experience with electrics so I would like to get a LED light strip that requires minimal wiring and I need it to power the LEDs for at least 6 hours or use batterys (such as AAs) that I can switch out. What do you guys think I should get?

What would you like the the Led’s to do? If you are after just on-off or something like flashing etc. you should be able to use a normal 12V RGB led strip which comes with a remote.

If you want a single colour on-off( which I think looks much better than flashing RGB for a costume) you can most likely just purchase a 12V led strip of your preferred colour ( Aliexpress is cheap) and run a small 3 cell LiPo battery.

Led strips already have SMD resistors built in so you don’t need to worry about this.

You can buy LED light strips in the automotive section at Walmart. Also check your local computer store, I’ve started to see them being sold there for decorating cases.

I want ones that can change color using an IR controller, I have one for a 12V led light strip, so all im worried about is the battery. Ill take a look at some 3 cell LiPo batterys, thanks by the way.

Check out www.SuperBrightLEDs.com and www.adafruit.com. The former has “turnkey” solutions and the latter has all the components and tutorials you would need to build your own.

(In particular, look at www.superbrightleds.com/cat/controllers/)

There are a ton of options available on sites such as Ebay and Amazon that are dirt cheap. i.e:

You could easily grab a few of these strips, which I have used many times and never had an issue with, for the price that you could buy a much shorter strip at an auto parts store or other sources.

Just take the power supply/controller that comes with the strips in the ebay link above and wire to some sort of 12V power source (standard sizes: AA, AAA, etc., or even LiPoly, other types).

Feel free to PM me if you think I could be of further assistance.

Just thought I’d drop this link to a project another alumni from my team made

Another good source for all the supplies and tutorials you need to create anything like this: