LED Lights for Decoration?


I’m wondering, if we want to use LED lights for decoration,

  1. What are the rules regarding such?
  2. What LED lights do you recommend (stringy kind of lights to wrap around)
  3. How do you connect these lights to the PDB? (aka what’s their voltage, amps, etc?)


LEDs used specifically for decoration must adhere to all robot rules. Specifically but not all inclusive, the LED must not be of such a color that it would confuse other robot’s vision systems or interfere with human vision in the players station. All electrical rules also apply, insulation, wire size and breaker choice.

I would suggest connecting them through a Spike relay with a 20 amp breaker on it. LED’s won’t blow your breaker, unless you get a string of monsters with heat sinks on them, but you should be able to run what you need off of one. Then you could toggle them on/off based on limit switches on your robot or something, little more swag. :smiley: (but they can’t be a distraction to the other alliance)
These guys have some good ones:

Lights would be cool, but I doubt that there will be any room on a finished robot for very much decoration. I would focus on strategy first and then the fancy stuff. But if you can, make sure that the lights are not distracting. Team decals and logos are good too.

Is a robot really “finished” if it doesn’t have under glow? :slight_smile:

We have to face them.:frowning:

Dont think of it like that. Think of it as “They have to face us”. :wink:

You can wire the LED’s directly to the PD board on a 20 amp breaker


These are the LED strips we use

It’s okay. They are gonna have to face us on Einstein :wink:

I was going to recommend diodes from LSDiodes.com but seeing as they are closed that won’t help…

Dimension Engineering makes some nice super bright 5v LEDs that can plug right into the digital sidecar if you have extra slots available.

They also have a pretty cool knight rider style light.