LED power setup

I’ve been looking through the rules for information on where additional lights (specifically the LEDs used on the Axis Camera for targeting) and I’m still unsure where they should go, and I’m also unsure of what kind of circuit it would be defined as.

I know the LEDs will work through the 12v output on the power distribution board, but I am unsure of the legality of that connection. Has anyone found a specific rule or regulation regarding the the location of such a circuit?

We’re using a pre-wired LED ring, but I can’t remember the manufacturer (our receipt is lost and there are no distinct markings). It will run at 55mA when supplied with power between 8 and 14.8 Volts.

Yes, wiring LED’s up to the power distribution board is perfectly legal!

Just double checking, I can wire the LED ring parallel with the DC converter on the PDB?

Nope. Only the 5V converter may be connected to the PDB’s boost-regulated 12V power output. See <R42-B>.

We are using a custom array of bright green LEDs. Since they are being powered ON for a fraction of a second, they are powered by a Spike. ::safety::