LED rings

We would like to buy a led ring for our Axis Camera. The only ones that we can find are all White. has anybody had any success with using a white LED ring? Most of the teams I have seen have used a green ring. Also, white size diameter do we need to use with the axis camera?

Where did you find the rings? We would like to use one but cannot locate a supplier.

Try Super Bright Leds. They are called ascent rings

Our team has used green LED’s in the past. I believe the reasoning is that green lights have a slightly higher intensity therefore any reflections are easier for the Axis camera to find. We are trying to use a green LED ring because of the issues we have had with white ones. Our previous white ones have had an issue being recognized by the Axis camera after being reflected. A lot has to do with the amount of outside light that may interfere with the camera’s readings. Personally I would suggest getting a green LED ring just because of the issues I have seen with white ones.

As for the diameter, personally I suggest getting the 60mm because it fits around the axis camera perfectly. We are still trying to find a good way to mount it. Our team may end up just using double sided tape if we cant figure anything better out.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

is there any alternative to the axis camera?

It doesn’t matter what camera you use, if you want to be able to track the vision targets, you’re going to need to shine a light of some sort at it.

Thank you!!


I only ask because we need to buy a camera, and we really do not want to spend $200 on an axis camera if not necessary. We do have a kinect, if that will work.

You can use the Kinect, as well as most webcams, however, since these require a USB connection, you’ll need a separate onboard processor to do your vision processing. This often requires a basic understanding of Linux, and if you have not played around with this form of vision processing, I would say it’s a little too late in build season to be poking around with it.