LED Rings

Hi Everyone!
My team is in kind of a tight spot. We did not get around to ordering green LED rings before they all went out of stock (lesson learned, order early). We are wondering if any of the other colors would work (natural, blue, red…) or if anyone has green LED rings they would be willing to sell us. We would be looking for a total of 2 in some combination of sizes 60mm, 80mm or 100mm.

It is possible to use any color of LED ring, but green is good because it is an uncommon color on the FRC fields. However, you can use blue or red, you would just run the risk of picking up other blue or red elements that you don’t want to. If you are just using vision for gear placement, blue or red would probably be fine, since you’d probably only be pointing it at the tower. Or you could order a green LED ring and just install it at the competitions. You’ll have to tune your HSV ranges for your target at the competitions anyway, so just write the code using your blue or red ring for now, to make sure the code works, then change your HSV ranges to work with the green ring and tune them at the competition.

Would this work for you: