LED Strip Issues

We’re trying to put LED strips on our robot to signal various things to the drivers, as well as improve the look of our robot. We’re using this strip

https://www.adafruit.com/products/2440, with these MOSFETs on the signal wires:


We’re trying to power it off of the roboRIO PWM outputs, but we’re getting a weird issue where the LEDs are rapidly flashing at a lower-than-full brightness. My thought when this originally happened was that it was because our power ground wasn’t connected to the signal ground (we’re powering them directly from the VRM, while signal is from the roboRIO PWM pins), so we fixed that but they still don’t work.

How we did it last year was off the PCM,I believe. You can then program each of the colors as a solenoid.

Yeah, we could run it off of the DIO pins, but we’d like to have more colors available than that.