LED WIRING that came from AndyMArk

We just got in the LED kit (8.2ft RGB LED light strip complete kit with arduino controller (am-2645) and have a question on how to wire it.

AndyMArk has a great video of how it works but not a lot of info on the exact wiring. Anyone else using this kit and have some advice for us? Much Appreciated!

Thanks for your time and help


check out the 2nd page of the general instructions pdf linked in the “files and documents” tab on this page:
There’s also Arduino code on this page.

direct link to pdf: http://files.andymark.com/AndyMark_AM-2640_LED_setup.pdf

At the bottom of the LED light strip product page is a Files and Documents tab with links to sampe code and general instructions. For your convenience, here is the link to the 2 page document with the pinout and wiring diagram.
Quick Setup
Yeah, the wiring color scheme is not what you would call standard. They come from the supplier that way.
This document should get you going.