LEDs on CMUCam

What do each of the three LEDs mean? I’ve searched all over, but I can’t get an answer. Is one green is power and one (red?) is tracking?

Thanks in advance.

Green is Power. Red is Tracking. The other I’ve never seen light up on our camera - perhaps it is for errors/debugging?

The third LED is not used in automatic mode and is user controllable. It is actually LED 0 while LED 1 is the red one that indicates tracking.

From CMUcam2_commands.pdf:

L1 boolean \r
L0 boolean \r
These commands enable and disable the two tracking LEDs. A value of 0 will turn the LED off, while a value of 1 will turn it on. A value of 2 (default) will leave the LED in automatic mode. In this mode, LED 1 turns on when the camera confidently detects an object while tracking and provides feedback during a send frame. In automatic mode, LED 0 does nothing, so it can be manually set.