LEDs on Driverstation

I have read the tutorial for having a gyro display angle on driverstation. I’m guessing it’s the same thing for a boolean? But I want to display multiple LEDs on the driverstation. I know I can bundle them and send it as a high priority data to the ds, but my question is, when I unbundle them in the dashboard project, how do I know which one is which boolean?

When you bundle the data up in the robot code, you can do a “bundle by name” and supply a typedef to define what data goes in which order before you flatten it to a string. Use the exact same typedef as the pattern for the unflatten from string that you use in the Dashboard code.

Okay, but for a boolean, don’t I have to make an array of elements first? I have three limit switches, and made an array of their values, then I flattened the array using flatten to string function and then sent is as a high priority to dashboard. Now, in dashbard project, do I have to use the index array function after the unflatten from string function? and for data type, can I just put a true or a false constant? Thanks

If you flatten an array of three booleans, then you have to give an example array of three booleans as a pattern to the unflatten function in order to get the original array of three booleans as the final output.