I just wanted to check if I missed something: are LEDs allowable provided they are powered by the robot and not a battery? For some reason, I thought they were not legal, but I cannot find any evidence of this in the rules. The closest I see is R02D, but that is lasers, not LEDs. By the Parts flowchart, I think I get to it being allowable as well?
Am I missing anything? Thanks!

LEDs are legal, provided that they do not violate <R02-A> or <R02-C>. They would most likely fall under “decorations”, meaning that they must be powered by the robot, which you have correctly assumed.

Let’s put it another way: a search through Section 8 for “LED” turned up nothing except a reference to the control system’s built-in ones; and there aren’t really any other rules.

As these are presumably decorations, <R19>, <R49>, and <R92> apply as well as <R02>.