Left Motor..Jaguar Keeps Going Out-Is it Programming ?


Our team was working on the programming today and suddenly the left side drive motor wouldn’t work. But the right side did. So then we went to look at the jaguar and the jaguar was blinking red, we turned the robot off then on again, and the jaguar was back on…and then all of a sudden the jaguar didn’t even have a light on it ? Is this something wrong with the programming or the electronics ? Like I said the right side works, and they both work like 1 out of 10 times together…and then after that the left side goes out again…Were using the basic arcade drive…

Thank you…

The Jaguars come with thermal protectors, that shut it off when it gets too hot; like a thermostat. Perhaps you should let it cool down?

If it doesn’t light up again after some time, it possibly means it was burnt out, which has happened to us.

So is it common for the jaguars to burn out ?

Depends on electrical wiring, how long you run it, etc.