LeftOver Material

¿What does your team do to the Leftover Material? As example the machined Polycarbonate, wood, steel, aluminum, acrylic or PLA, ABS from 3d Printed Pieces.

We usually keep the material in case it can be used for another occasion because it is not so easy to get new material for us but it becomes overwhelming to have the workshop full of spare parts;
Thank you so much!

We have started recycling PLA with the help of our school! They melt it down and turn it into material for students to practice machining with.

We also recycle some scrap aluminum with them and a lot of used bolts/nuts and other scrap aluminum parts, we will send with a mentor to a local scrap yard.

We also recycle about 8 batteries a year by taking them to a Batteries+ or Autozone or similar store.


Here’s one option of recycling 3D printer plastics. Trial N’ Terror plans to try them out soon!

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Wood (non pressure treated): save a bin, once it gets full grab some extra brush and have a bonfire.

As far as plastics, reduce and reuse come before recycle.

Most polycarbonate should be easily recycled. Usually I just take the band saw to it and salvage any shapes that seem usable in prototyping before sending the weird scraps off.

Aluminum and steel odds and ends should be pretty easy to recycle or find someone who wants scrap for free, same with other plastics such as UHMW (may need to be careful to separate these out)

I do not have a great answer for ABS. Probably just crush it and toss it unfortunately. Others seem to have novel solutions, but nothing I would personally characterize as easy.


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Think some of the beaches–and maybe a couple of campgrounds–still allow.

In winter, at least!

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That looks kinda cultish to me.

We reuse our polycarb almost too much as it almost always a last minute addition. On that note, anyone have a good suggestion on how to remove sticky backed 3M Dual Lock and Velcro from polycarb?

Probably not a solution for ABS from 3d prints, but if you have ABS parts that don’t have any markings/stickers, you might be able to work with a local plastics distributor to recycle them.

Roll it off with your thumb and get blisters in the process.

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Have you heard of gushers?