Legacy FIRST CAD Comp

Hello everyone, I’m with an organization called The Blue League and we’re hosting a CAD Comp with F.U.N. to take place mid-June, We’d love community input on which past FRC game to select for this competition. Please take a second and fill out this short survey to make your voice heard. https://forms.gle/zjLun65QVXyfJaPo8 More info on The Blue League can be found by Dm-ing me or emailing blueleagueorganization@gmail.com Thank you all!


Out of curiosity, did you plan on hosting a competition for these games as they were originally played (as if we were literally in year 20XX), or would they be updated as if it were a newly released game? Things like carpet damaging and wedges could be kept or removed, but it would be more productive to allow for using modern COTS parts and designing with the current control system and motor selection.


We plan on trying to keep the feel of the old games while ensuring they are updated to the current standards of the competition, both with robot design and with the game rules itself.

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A lot of the feel of some of those older games has to do with a lack of particular modern rules, like bumpers (which is closely related to the banning of flop bots) and wedges, so I’d be more interested if stuff like that was kept in.


Honestly I could go either way. While there are elements that would be different, I feel like a lot of them would translate very well to a more modern overall ruleset, even if the “real” gameplay would be different.


I would think that based on recent game mechanics a return to either 2003, 2007, 2011, 2014 would be good games to replay. For 2014 passive passing rebound mechanisms were not widely understood until offseasons, so it would be interesting to see designs now.

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I would love to replay 2001!

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I hope you liked 2015…

Because if you didn’t like 2015’s gameplay, you’ll HATE 2001’s gameplay.

Here’s a suggestion: 2006, without the muzzle velocity limit.


If we’re in the business of modifying games, 2015 but only with bins, no totes. And put them all over the field. Hungry Hungry Hippos style - whoever can hoard the most by the end wins.


You mean 2003. Got it.


I said take away the totes, not make the totes the center of the game. Silly Eric.

I got the totes and bins confused. (Also note: IIRC the 2003 game piece was known as bins. You’re welcome.)

And the gameplay doesn’t change that much. Just the gamepieces get a lot taller and make more pieces when hit hard.

Any updates on this? Is this event still happening?


I would love to see this or other events happen. A cad competion for infinite recharge + a realistic mod or 2 would be great.

are any of the details for this being made public?
or is information only being distributed to those who signed up on the form ?

Not sure why 2004 isn’t an option. It’s an extremely interesting game that would be played completely differently with modern parts and rules.


This man speaks TRUTH.

And actually, the literal first step of the different play would be to add a third robot to each side. If you all remember the game from 3 years* back, 2019’s Destination: Deep Space, the fastest approximation would be to allow 3v3 defense in that.

Second step? Allow the robots to score the dodgeballs as well as the humans. Imagine if 33 had their outlet at the top instead of the bottom. You’ve probably got a good solid 100-point robot there, PER deposit. (I don’t recall their actual capacity, but it was at least 10… at 5 points each… with a doubler ball in claw.)

I haven’t even gotten to applying more modern robot rules yet…

*Feels that way, doesn’t it?

Where is the stream?

Theres a stream?

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I was told there would be a stream today at 7pm Central.