Legacy Team 45 Looking For Mentors

Team 45 the Technokats, a legacy team since 1992, is looking for mentors to add to our family. Our team has undergone much history in FIRST and is looking for help in maintaining said history. Throughout the past few years our team has been shifting around as many lead mentors have moved on to new endeavors. We would like to publicly request the assistance of anyone looking to help mentor us.

Currently we have 1 longtime electrical and 1 longtime software mentors. Our current weakness is a lack of experience in the mechanical aspect of the team.

Some perks of being on our team include

  • Attending 2 regionals
  • Always guaranteed trip to Championships (due to legacy status)
  • Use of multiple lathes, mills, and other basic machine equipment
  • Use of full-size practice field in house
  • Great lunches on Saturdays complements of the parent committee
  • Guaranteed trip to IRI and CAGE (due to host status)
  • Chance to work with quality people
  • Within driving distance to many FIRST events

Fun Facts

The Technokats have been home to multiple regional Woody Flowers award winners and even 1 world Woody Flowers award winner.

The Technokat hall of fame include many of our famous robots including our national runner up 1992 robot and our world champion 1998 robot.

The Technokats are located in the same town as AndyMark (Kokomo, IN)

Please let me know if you are interested as it would be great to keep a team as old as this one running for years to come.

hmmh, I might have to start one of these threads for my own team. Good luck