Legal Bumper Attachment?

LegalityPicture.bmp (900 KB)

Is this a legal way to attach bumpers this year? The mounts are 6" away from each other.

LegalityPicture.bmp (900 KB)

LegalityPicture.bmp (900 KB)

Looking at [R33] it would appear to be OK.

Keep in mind that Chief Delphi users can’t give official rulings so don’t entirely rely on opinions from users, although CD is still a great place for opinions. As long as the bumpers themselves are legal, the mount appears to be okay. It looks like the bumpers slide in from the top, so just make sure there is a latch so they don’t slide off during rough gameplay.

I would agree. 6" of unsupported bumper is OK (maximum 8"). Just make sure that you have a solid attachment.

Under R33…
Bumpers must be supported by the structure/frame of the Robot (i.e. the gap between the backing material and the
frame must not be greater than ¼ in. and no section of Bumper greater than 8 in. may be unsupported). See
Figure 4?7.
It appears that your design satisfies this part of the bumper rules. However, the inspector at every event you attend will be making the final decision.

Just make sure your brackets extend out to the Frame Perimeter as defined in Rule R01-2 (Team Update 1) since the bumpers must be attached to the Frame Perimeter (Rule 28e) as defined by a string stretched around the corners of the robot. And make sure you have no more than 8 in. wide gaps, particularly over wheels.

As a robot inspector, I would look long and very carefully at your design since I really don’t think it meets the spirit of the robot rules for bumpers, though I think it does meet the letter of the law!

Dr. Bob

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