Legal connections to Air Pumps

The app notes say we can series air connections on two air pumps for more pressure. The app note only shows a way to series two pumps by using a “push me / pull you” approach.

We wish to consider a series of more than two pumps, to make a multistage pump for more power. (Add Tim Allen grunts here… :wink: This won’t harm any components, but it does requires a second barb on at least one pump since the pump’s second port is merely a slot on the surface of the pump.

What would be the legal and/or recommended way to attach a second air line barb to the air pump to create a series air connection without violating the pump’s No-Mod rule?

Would using the same assembly screws that hold the motor and pump together for a removable “barb adapter plate” of some kind violate No-Mod?

If not, what would be considered legal?


  • Keith McClary, Huron High Team 830

Sorry, this in not allowed.

The only legal way to have the pumps work “in series” is the have them do a “push me - pull you” arrangement as discussed in the Application Notes.

Wish we could do it another way but we can’t.

Joe J.