Legal Gamepads

My team has been wondering for a while about what gamepads are legal to use during competions. I brought up using a PS4 controller with using the touch pad for specific functions.

Would a PS4 controller be a legal gamepad to use during the competition? Or would that be illegal?

If it is using any kind of wireless communication (in your control system/Driver station), it is illegal
this includes, but is not limited to:
wifi (2.4 or 5GHz)
anything else

But the rules allow it if its tethered though

As Brian said, no wireless.
Otherwise, I believe you can use any controller, or even make your own controller.
This is one of the areas that FIRST is very lenient in! I believe that you can even build a glove so you can motion-control the bot!

Great, now to get our hands on one of these guys.

As a general rule, if it follows the rules, it is indeed allowed. If you’re wondering if something is illegal or not, it may be a good idea to post the specific rule that causes you to wonder about the legality of the device.

Or use the Power Glove!

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Anyone tried using a wiimote?

You would need to do something to disable bluetooth and hardwire it manually, but it would be cool to point somewhere on the field and watch the robot go there :smiley:

I feel like the amount of time that it would take to wire it would make it not worth using. You’d also need to figure out the placement and usage of a sensor bar.

A fairly common option is the F310 by Logitech. I’ve seen it used to success with a number of teams that I have worked with.

I still have mine.

Our coach recently suggested we use this: