Legal Pneumatics Cylinders

While reviewing our final design and elements after build, my team found out that we accidentally used an illegal pneumatic cylinder of 1.25" bore and 1" throw. Since we can only use cylinders that came in the KOP or were in the Free Pneumatics Form from Bimba and Parker, I need to know what the different throw options that were posted on the site. I know that the legal bore sizes are 3/4", 1 1/2", and 2", and we will probably end up with 1 1/2 bore cylinder as a replacement. Does anybody know the legal throws for a 1 1/2 bore cylinder?

It’s listed on the last page of the Pneumatics Manual, found the same place you find the rest of the FRC manuals.

Check out the last page of this document:

That is the form that lists the cylinders that were offered.