Legal Robot Design?

Is it legal, or even possible to have a robot that is essentially a huge square that fills the 36 by 30 by 60 inch dimensions, that is within weight constraints that has arms that extend to then capture all the balls in autonomous mode?

Well, yes, but my creativity comes here.

What if in autonomous, that robot had a mini robot (powered by fisher price motors :)) that was tethered with realllly long cables that would run out and trip the 10 point ball. A little “helper” to trigger the release and have the robot cap all the balls.

If i could go back about 2 months… that is what i would start designing :slight_smile:

(Rough concept pic attached :))



I really like the “tethered minibot” concept, but I fear a long tether would pose an entanglement hazard and be disallowed.

There are definitely ways to make a legal tether that does not pose the threat of entanglement. For more information, look for a picture of Team 25’s tether bot in 2002. If memory serves, thi is one of the few legal tethers that was seen that year.

We won nationals in 2002 along with RAGE and Beatty because of our tetheredmini-bot (as well as rages ball capabilities and 71’s goal control). It was a fantastic addition. However, since they they have enacted what I affectionately call the Team 66 rule (yes, I know more teams used tethers, im just being vain) and that rule states that no part may detach from your robot…ie no tethers. But I love the design because I think minibot’s are great.

tethers were allowed in 2002 only because they were deployed in the last few seconds of the match, as the bots made a beeline for the end zone to score extra points

have one deploy at the start of the match, in auton mode, when you dont really know what the other three bots are going to do - I think that would cause certain entanglment.

See picture. The tether is the structure on the top of the robot. All wires are enclosed by metal. Hardly a chance of entanglement.

what does it look like when the mousebot is deployed? doesnt it pull a wire across the field?

can you imagine four bots doing that at the start of a match, in auton mode, when the drivers cant do anything to avoid entanglement?

The wire is surrounded by metal. A robot would simply roll over the tether cable like a minor speedbump.

Perhaps the tether could be retracted at the end of autonomous mode, or early into the round, once its purpose has been served?

if the mouse-bot is made similar to most of the ones made in 02, then the wires would be enclosed in some sort of rigid structure (a la, 25’s, 312’s, 57’s, etc…)
while the mouse bot may (and probably will) be run over during auto mode, it would be very difficult for it to become an entaglement hazard. the one possible problem that could arise is if the mini-bot got knocked off course, and some how exited the field, causing the main bot to be disabled.

I clearly remember 25’s awesome tether design. It was impossible to entangle that sucker, and believe me, we tried. The only issue would be that it did not fold up when retracted, but there was no point in retracting back in 2002.

I could visualize an telescoping mechanism, although it would be quite large. This year our team has an three stage telescope that extends to 12 feet, if you added another two stages or so that would easily knock the ball out. And our mechanism is only 4.2 pounds with the motor included, so this would not be a large weight issue. Additionaly, it could double as a bar grabber, how cool would that be, a 25 foot telescoping pole- you could practically grab from anywhere…

yea, it might be unrealistic, but you could pull it off with the right materials and design.

you know what would be an awesome way to accomplish this - being under the ball gate when your own bot knocks the release ball off?

have your bot drive over to the release ball, and stick a piece of string on it

then drive under the gate, and pull the string

wheres Johnny Cash when you need him?

“I get the release ball stuck on a piece of twine
I keep my collector wide open all the time
and when I see that I’m in full align
I pull the twine
I pull the twine!”