Legal Solenoid

Hello. I have checked the numbers and it appears that this solenoid is legal to use. I just wanted to see what other people think just to see if I may have missed something. Thanks for any help.


I don’t see anything that would necessarily make it illegal. Just make sure to bring the spec sheet to competition so your inspectors can verify this.

If there is any question in your mind about the legality of the part, and you want an answer you can rely upon if a question is raised by the inspectors, then you really need to ask this question in the official Q&A forum. Any answer you get here is, by definition, unofficial and carries no weight with the inspectors, judges or referees. Plus, some of the self-appointed CD rule experts* have been known to get things flat out wrong on a reasonably regular basis. Using the line “but they said it was a legal part on Chief Delphi!” will cut it with an inspector when there is a concern over a critical part of your robot.

Make no mistake, these Chief Delphi boards are an excellent place to get technical information, design advice, strategy insights, and access to the larger FIRST community and everything they do. Almost every team with a serious level of involvement with FIRST does just that. It is just that CD is the wrong place to get specific answers about rules and rule interpretations that may be critical to your ability to pass inspection or legally play the game. For those types of questions, you really need to utilize the FIRST Q&A.


  • and I do make a distinction between the general case and people like Al Skierkiewicz. Al and those like him are great examples of those that are technical experts with massive professional experience, tightly involved with their teams to guarantee the team perspective, and officially involved with the inspections process at a tighter level of integration than most will ever know. Al’s posts and threads are worth their weight in gold, for all of the good solid technical information they contain and advice they provide. But even Al will be the first to admit that all of his posts here are unofficial and, while incredibly useful, do not carry the authority of an answer that may be provided on the official Q&A.


I am not a pneumatics expert, nor the GDC, but it looks legal to me. 24VDC operating voltage, less than .3 Cv (.2), 1/8 NPT ports, rated at 150 psi, which exceeds 125 psi requirement. COTS item. Bring specs with you when you go for inspection to validate with your inspector. This is covered in Rule R72-C. If anyone else sees something I have missed, please respond quickly. :slight_smile: