Legal Solenoids

Hello from Team 253,

We were wondering if there is a list of legal solenoids or if we are required to only using solenoids from AndyMark. We are looking to buy some solenoids from like McMaster of Granger.

Thanks for the help!


Please read R74, R75, R77C, and R77D. If a solenoid doesn’t pass all 4, it’s on the “do not use” list; otherwise, use it if you want to. Bear in mind, though, you need either 12VDC or 24VDC units, otherwise they probably won’t work properly.

Why are we required to use only 1/8" air ports. Our team only has 1/4" air ports. No one ever found this rule on our team… :frowning:


Remember that the 1/8" is NPT (national pipe thread). This is just the screw size of the fitting you have to use. I assume you are using 1/4" tubing, which is perfectly legal, as long as the inner diameter does not exceed .160".

On another note, why buy solenoids from McMaster? Narrowing down their selection to 12 or 24 VDC solenoids, they are all either low flow or very expensive. If you do buy a solenoid with a working pressure of lower than 120 PSI, you have to have an additional relief valve on your low pressure side set lower than the working pressure of your solenoid.

The only reason that we originally thought about ordering solenoids from McMaster is because we are tired of the ordering system from AndyMark. We need solenoids quicker than AndyMark can provide.

Any Ideas?



Have you looked into VexPro’s stock? It may be a tad more expensive, as you need the solenoid base to go with it, but in the end it is quite compact. We have never had problems with it so far. With their new partnership with WCP, you can go to West Coast Products and order them from there. Since it is a California based company, you should get them very quickly!

With the dropping of the max Cv requirement, sourcing solenoid valves suddenly got a lot easier.

Automation Direct is a good source for solenoid valves. Free shipping for orders over $49.00 They also have a voucher in the KOP. Their max working pressure is 115 PSI so you will need the secondary relief valve per rule.

Mac & SMC are also commonly used on FRC bots. Available online or through your local automation supplier.

12V, Cv=0.75(!), max psi 145, $75. Maybe I’m not privy to some cheaper options you know of, but this looks pretty good to me!

We ordered from here. They had good prices and shipped decently quick from CA.

FYI: A 1/8" NPT threaded male connector is about 0.4 inches in diameter.