Legal vs Illegal Hatch Placement

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So, I have an Interesting one for y’all today! Bellow are some pictures of different variations of hatch placement, and I’m wondering…are any of them legal???

I realize many of them are silly, but my entire team is convinced it’s legal and I can’t seem to find anything in the rules that shows that’s it’s not. What do you y’all think?


Q: Is a hatch panel still considered fully supported and scored if it is only on one of the Hook and Loop strips and not the other?

A: There is no requirement that the HATCH PANEL be connected to both strips of Hook on each side of a HATCH in order to be considered scored.


Photos 1 and 3 would be scored per Q29 above. 2 is physically impossible given the wings on the rocket unless it were on the right side, then that would be scored as well. I’m not too sure about 4.


When I read the rules when the game first came out, and thought about it…yeah, as long as it’s not supported by the floor or a robot, it should be good.

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All are legal, sure. I think the question you should be asking is “do these game pieces score”?

    1. 3, yes, if they miraculously stayed that way to the end of the match.

4: Unsure if both cargo would score. The scoring condition is:

each CARGO (regardless of inflation state) in a BAY with a Null HATCH PANEL or scored HATCH PANEL and not in contact with a ROBOT. No more than one CARGO per BAY will be counted.

If each HATCH PANEL is assigned to a single BAY, then only the CARGO in the same BAY will be scored. If the HATCH PANEL can be scored at multiple BAYs, then both CARGO would score (but the HATCH PANEL would still only score once).


@EricKline these are definitely questions for the FRC Q&A. I think your last photo is the most interesting because there is not a ruling yet if one hatch panel can score two pieces of cargo. :+1:


Yes, although they would all be unlikely (especially the last one), i’m not sure how a ref would react if that would be happen.

If there are not six hatches on the rocket, do you not get the ranking point?


Interesting…let me check. I believe you have to, but I wonder if it’s 1 hatch panel per hatch or if you could theoretically fit 6 on one hatch for speed…

One Hatch Panel per Hatch: Section 5.3 Scoring

The real question is which Hatch example #4 would count for. And if doing that twice, side by side, would score both hatches and both cargos.

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No you do not. Per the table in section 5.3

"completing at least one (1) ROCKET with six (6) scored HATCH PANELS and six (6) scored CARGO "


It would be more useful to attempt to use one hatch to score two cargo on the front of the cargo ship during sandstorm (rather than trying to doucle score on the rocket). With up to 5 preloaded cargo, most alliances will not be able to score them all before sandstorm dumps them onto the field (and placing null hatches instead of cargo is an inefficient use of points because null hatches are not worth points). So a team being able to place three hatches has the potential to score all five cargos.

Do they have those pesky pegs between the hatches on the front of the cargo ship, like they do on the sides?cargo

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Yes, and you can see them in that photo.


Yes, however the pegs are not 100% effective. Our game elements have shown that you can still block both cargos from coming out with one hatch panel.

Even if it takes a while to do, it would be a bit quicker than making another cycle.

Of course we want video :slight_smile:


So it’s not explicitly stated that only one cargo is scored per one panel, but I think it’s strongly implied by the fact that only one panel can score per hatch. It’d be a good Q&A to see if a panel can count as scored on 2 hatches at the same time for cargo scoring purposes.

from table 5-1

each HATCH PANEL (excluding Null HATCH PANELS) attached to a ROCKET or CARGO SHIP such that it is fully supported by that ROCKET or CARGO SHIP and via the hook/loop tape.
No more than one HATCH PANEL per HATCH will be counted.

each CARGO (regardless of inflation state) in a BAY with a Null HATCH PANEL or scored HATCH PANEL and not in contact with a ROBOT.
No more than one CARGO per BAY will be counted.

it looks to me like you have to have a HP scored to be able to use it to get a CARGO score, so I expect you’d only get 5 pts for partly covering two HATCHES with one HP that retains two CARGO.

@MrForbes The rules state you can’t score two hatch panels on one hatch, and you can’t score two pieces of cargo in a single bay with a hatch panel in place, but the rules do not currently state that you cannot score more than one cargo in two separate bays with a single hatch panel overlapping both hatches.

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yes, but the scoring rules I quoted imply that you will only get credit for one CARGO if you do this.