Legalities Regarding Anderson Powerx and Velcro

Are Anderson Powerx connectors between the Jags and Motors legal? We are using that in between the Jags and Motors for easy replacement of any component just in case if something breaks and what-not. We just want to be sure if it’s legal and if another team is doing such a thing.

Also we are using velcro to mount the Jags onto the board and I believe it is legal but I am not 100% sure it is. I’m 99.8% sure it is though.

The real question to ask is “Is there a rule prohibiting it?”. If there is no such rule, then it it allowed.

We have connectors between our motors and speed controllers.
We also mount some of our speed controllers with Velcro.

I have searched the rules and found none that prohibit either practice.

I just wanted to be sure. Thank you.

Are you referring to the PowerPole series of Anderson connectors? If so they are legal. We have used them for just this same application for many years. They are best used with the correct crimper. West Mountain Radio sells the crimper we use. The 30 and 45 amp contacts are appropriate. Please insure that the contacts are fully seated in the housing before power is turned on. The contact should click when inserted and should not pull out.

Velcro is acceptable for mounting controllers. A few cautions though. The Jaguar has some vents on the bottom side, and these should not be covered to allow proper airflow. Sufficient velcro should be used to prevent the controllers from becoming dislodged in a severe hit with another robot of the field.