Legality of a specific knot

After reading the game manual it doesn’t specify any specific loop knot, but I rather be safe than sorry.

So for the rope, the loop is at the end, but it is a self tightening knot, where once the robot pulls down on it, it tightens around the steel bolts grabbing it. It shrinks in size but never exceeds beyond 10 inches. Is it legal?

Tl;Dr: is it legal for a loop diameter to change during the match, but never exceeding 10 inches?


My team’s original rope had a slip knot in it which essentially achieved the same thing. The inspectors said that was okay as long as we tied the knot the same way, and as long as when the rope’s loop is at it’s max and minimum, it still fits inside the range of rope lengths (~ 5’ 10" and 8’ I believe?)

5’3" and 8’ per rule I04 B and C

See Q&A 607, which discusses the legality of slip-knots. It’s the one we referred to when this came up when I was inspecting last week.

Thank you, I couldn’t remember if it was 3" or 10" so I just said the longer to be safe.

Yes so long as it does not begin to use the pin for support rather than the davit fingers.

@OP: this is why you should post a picture.

Some readers think the loop you are talking about is at the top end of the rope where the davit fingers are.

Other readers think the loop you are talking about is at the bottom end of the rope where the robot first grabs it.

Other readers just post “yes, it’s legal” but you have no idea how they have interpreted your description.

I’ll make sure to grab a photo when im back in the shop on monday.

If it’s at the top end of the rope, make sure the picture shows how you intend to fasten it to the davit fingers.

Which Monday?