Legality of Actuators

Wondering if these are legal:

It’s not clear on the page… if they are motor driven, then no, not without a lot of work. You would need to remove the integrated motor and connect a FRC legal motor instead (see R27). However, if it is an electrical solenoid actuator, then it may be legal - but you would have to find specs for it. Max 1” stroke, 10W input power at 12V (see R27 again).

Based on the shape, I’m pretty sure this is a motor driving a rack. It would have been legal a couple of years ago before the automotive motors rules tightened up, but now it has to be on a specific list none of which look like this.

These were legal a couple of seasons ago under the umbrella of “12V Automotive motors” or something like that. For 2020, the allowed automotive motors are specifically listed in the manual and these are not included. Our team was intending to use one but switched to a linear servo instead.

I purchased some very much like those to replace a worn out power door lock actuator. They were driven by a small motor. They were flimsy and the output force was pathetically small so I ended up buying a used OEM one on eBay. Not recommended even if they are legal. You get what you pay for.

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