Legality of adhesives on pneumatic tubing

Our team is using pneumatics for climber hook deployment and were wondering if putting tape on the outside of the pneumatic is legal? Some people think it is considered modifying the pneumatic and would be illegal. All we need it for is as a hard stop for something that is sliding on the outside of the pneumatic. Thanks for the help.

Use a zip tie. Adhesives, including stickers, haven’t been allowed on pneumatics for as long as I can remember.


In this configuration, if no pneumatic pressure is ever carried by the tubing (i.e., it is not connected to the ROBOT’s Pneumatic system), then according to the Blue Box after R77.M, item d. is not a Pneumatic Component.

Therefore you can do whatever you want to it.

*The following devices are not considered pneumatic devices and are not subject to pneumatic rules (though they must satisfy all other rules): <snip *
d. pneumatic devices not used as part of a pneumatic system (i.e. used in a way that does not allow them to contain pressurized air)

Interesting. We used tape to mark pneumatic tubes (which tube went to which solenoid port) on last year’s robot and it passed inspection every time. Of course, the tape wasn’t being used to contain pressure at all. We also used tape to secure zip-ties to a line that was sliding along an actuator body. Looking back at the pneumatics rules (R74-R87) there does not seem to be any prohibition on using things to secure pneumatic lines in place, be it zip ties, tape, or some other device to control where the line goes (cable clips, e-chain, etc.) This does not seem to be considered “modification”, since it does not actually alter the part in any way (as, for instance, painting it might.) Our experience has been that things external to the system itself that do not alter the part but serve to contain or guide it are legal.


General consensus has always been that you dont know what it is that makes sticky things sticky. Adhesives contain chemicals that may have unknown reactions with the plastics commonly used in pneumatic systems. Paint has solvents, glue has bonding agents, stickers have some range of chemical prep that makes them sticky. Any of those chemicals may or may not attack the material that makes up you pneumatic system.

As a person who worked for Parker Hannifin for several years designing pneumatic systems and components, I know most of that is malarkey. But I also know that I don’t make the rules, I just follow them like everyone else.

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