Legality of bumpers on Rhino Track

My team is thinking of using Rhino track (am-3322) on our robot this year to help us climb on the hab. However, the top of our track goes about 9.5in. Rule R25 says that our bumpers can’t exceed a horizontal plane defined as 7.5in above the floor.
So our question is if we have our bumpers compliant with R25 by making a lower bracket and have some of our rhino track exposed will this be legal and pass inspection?

It depends on what you mean by “exposed”. The rhino track, as everything else on the robot [excluding bumpers], must start the match inside the frame perimeter per R2. This implies it must be 3+ inches inside the outer bumper perimeter. Also note that the bumpers must cover a minimum of 6" away from the corners of the frame perimeter, so if you have the track rotate down into a break in the bumpers, the robot bumpers will stick out more than 9" on either side of the track.

[Not intended to rule this out, but to make sure you understand the consequences.]

Have you looked at the rhino track bumper mounting brackets? They were designed for 2016 but I’m sure you could make them legal with some minor modifications

Likely major mods, as the bumper zone has moved down 4 to 4.5 inches since 2016.

Okay, we could modify a bumper bracket to lower down to be within the bumper zone. Everything is within the robot starting configuration.
And to clarify what I mean by “exposed” when our bumpers are on there is still about 1.5in of moving track on the front of our bot, in years past, when we’ve used the track, we have covered the front of the track completely.
We’re going to experiment with bumpers to get our robot complaint within starting configuration and bumper zones.