Legality of controlling 2 cylinders with 1 solenoid

I’ve looked all over the rules, the Q&A system and this forum, but I haven’t been able to find anything about controlling 2 cylinders with one solenoid valve. Does anyone know if this is legal or not?

I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t be. We’ve got this setup you’re talking about for our herding arms, using two Y connectors.

As long as the regualted pressure isn’t above 60psi, I’d say it’s well within the rules.

We used this last year. As long as the regulator is set at 60 psi, it is legal.

Just a word of cuation if it werd: if you are using the setup, make sure that the tubes are the SAME LENGTH, so the same ammount of airflow goes into each cylinder at the same time and rate.

you can hook up as many cylinders as you want to a solonoid

I can categorically say that no matter how careful you are about tube lengths and such, you will never get the pistons to actuate at exactly the same time. You’ll probably get it close in most cases, but air is like water. It follows the path of least resistance. One of your cylinders is going to have less resistance, friction, etc and it’s going to actuate faster. Or if one of your cylinders is beeing blocked by something, it won’t push against the offending object until the second cylinder is full.
The good news is that the cylinders will end up exactly where they should be in end end anyways.