Legality of Playstion Remotes for Driving

Are the Logitech F310’s the only legal gamepad to drive the robots? We would love to use different gamepads as we have noticed really bad dead zones in the Logitech.

There is no rule specifying a finite list of legal gamepad controllers, or controllers in general. Any controller you do use must satisfy R99.

Additionally, I highly suggest you reread all of the rules. Not meaning any offense, but if you skipped over or forgot the rules in §10.10 (Operator Console) then there are probably some other rules you missed too. Better to catch that now than at competition. Good luck with the rest of your season!

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We are definitely going over the rules again, but we just wanted to make sure. As Rookies, we are trying to not any mistakes we can avoid easily.


Generally if something is not prohibited by the rules it is allowed. The key is to read the rules enough and discuss them enough so you don’t miss anything. Good luck with your season.

Some teams even go as far as to make their own button board.

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Button boards aren’t always a legality thing. Sometimes it makes more sense for the drivers (you can lay out your button board in any way you like to fit a robot better than a standard “COTS” controller.)

The only rule with controllers is that they can’t be wireless, and also that the connecting wires aren’t 10+ feet. They don’t want people on the far right driver station wandering all the way over to the far left side.

That would never happen.


I used this to show the variety of control devices that can be used.

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