Legality of Radio Power Module AND Network Switch?

Does R703 technically prohibit connecting the roboRIO to a switch, then to an RPM, then to the radio? I feel like using passive POE and and a switch has been the norm for a while now, but this is our first year using the RPM so I was wondering if anyone has gotten a hard time for it, or if I should bug the Q&A about it?

R703 (emphasis mine):

*Use specific Ethernet port for roboRIO. The roboRIO Ethernet port must be connected to the wireless bridge port labeled “18-24 vPOE” (either directly, via a network switch, via an RPM, or via a CAT5 Ethernet pigtail).

We used an RPM and switch last year with no problems.

Whether written correctly or not, that rule is meant to be an inclusive “or”, since when using the RPM, you technically need that and two Ethernet cables.


No inspector in their right mind would fault you for using both and CSAs would encourage it for network stability. So I would interpret the rule with that in mind.


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