legality of ramp robots

"<R05> “Wedge” ROBOTS are not allowed. ROBOTS must be designed so that interaction with opposing ROBOTS results in pushing rather than tipping or lifting. Neither offensive nor defensive wedges are allowed. All parts of a ROBOT between 0 and 8.5 inches from the ground (the top of the BUMPER ZONE) that are used to push against or interact with an opposing ROBOT must be within 10 degrees of vertical. Devices deployed outside the ROBOT footprint should be designed to avoid wedging. If a mechanism or an appendage (e.g. a harvester for retrieving GAME PIECES) becomes a wedge that interferes with other ROBOTS, penalties, disabling, or disqualification can occur depending on the severity of the infraction.”

i am confused. many teams are claiming to make ramps but this rule seems to make ramp illegal in the competition. i would like to see some game designer comment on this issue… if there hasnt been already. ive search and havent found any… of course i might be mistaken. someone please clarify the definition of wedge in relation to scoring bonus points at the end by deploying a ramp. does that qualify as a wedge?

R06 states that a ramp for the purpose of allowing your partners to climb is legal only in the home zone.

<R06> Ramps, platforms as other mechanisms specifically designed to elevate ROBOTS during
the END GAME are exempt from Rule <R05> when they are deployed in the HOME ZONE.
Such devices deployed outside the HOME ZONE are not covered by this exemption.

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Don’t sweat it.

Well said James.

also there is no limit to the size of your ramp within your homezone

The only limit is that it must stay within the Home Zone (a 26ftx8ft roughly area). Also, notice that the legality of a ramp robot is only within the END game, and only in the home zone. therefore, your ramp must be disguised, kept out of harms way, or covered up until that point.

“Ramp designed for END GAME” is the terminology the manual uses, IIRC. Not clear if that is only during the end game or at any time.

“Neither offensive nor defensive wedges are allowed.”

I take that statement to be only from the wedge robot’s point of view. What if the wedge bot deploys the ramp on the field of play such that one of his alliance partners can climb up on him to reach higher on the rack? The ramp robot is not scoring (being offensive) or defending, so why would such a maneuver be illegal? I’d like a clarification on this matter.

Regardless of what they are used for, they are not allowed unless in the END Game & in the Home Zone. This eliminates any possibility even of people using wedges in illegal ways.

well shoot. It’s pretty set in stone about how to use the wedge, but I see nothing against having them. It would probably be best for teams to figure in some retraction mechanism for their ramp to avoid accidents.

Im really interested on the ruling for this. Maybe a first Q&A? If anything its an offensive ramp and illeagal per rule <R05>.

The rule is pretty clear to me. The ramp (wedge) can only be deployed in the alliance’s home row.

FIRST Q & A is the only place to get the “official” ruling.