Legality of segment of exposed frame

Hi! My team was trying to determine the legality of having a segment of frame left exposed on one side of the robot. Rule R23 states that every outside corner of the frame perimeter must be protected by at least 6" of bumper on each side. As per this, would it be legal to have a segment of exposed frame, as long as the corners themselves are protected by at least 6", similar to what is shown in the top segment of the frame in figure 8-2?


Yes, that is correct and legal. Please ensure that, as you measure the 6", you are measuring the frame itself, not the wood (which may overlap the bumper at the corner, per R30B) or the pool noodle (which may extend into the corner, per R31). On a 33" long side, this means you’ll have 6" on either side covered, and up to 21" uncovered. On a 28" side, you can have up to 16" uncovered. Obviously, if your robot is not built to the maximum dimensions, those numbers will be different!