Legality of servo actuators

My team is looking into using these linear actuators on our robot to aim our shooter and were wondering if they are legal in FRC. I feel they fall into a grey area in the rule book, could any of you please help shed some light onto if we can use them?

R54 Servos must be connected only to the PWM ports on the roboRIO, either directly or through the
PWM ports on a WCP Spartan Sensor Board. They must not be connected to the MXP, motor controllers, or relay modules

Since those linear actuators also need to be connected to a power source (such as the PDP) they would not be legal.

So is the ServoCity HDA12-50 Linear Actuator legal? How about the SDA12-263 ?
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How is it different from the AndyMark DART, 12" Actuator Kit (am-3072a) ??](
The AndyMark version utilizes a CIM motor that does not come with the actuator but the actual design and function are the same as the ServoCity unit.
Is there a way to change the motor on the ServoCity unit to utilize a CIM to make it legal?
We would really like to utilize electronic means of motion rather than install a whole other pneumatic system just for a lift.

There are rules about which motors you can use, and how the motors can be powered. There aren’t many rules limiting the mechanical parts of the robot. If you can adapt a legal motor to the other actuator, then it should be fine. The neat thing about the AM actuator is that it’s designed to use a legal motor. That’s why it’s out of stock…it’s the best solution!

If you change the motor on the Servo City linear actuator to a FRC legal motor the assembly will be FRC legal. At that point it’s just a legal motor assembled to a lead screw. I’ve seen several teams take this approach but I’m not familiar with the details of how to adapt the motor shaft to the existing actuator gear train.

Ok great! Thanks for the input. AndyMark released a small amount of actuators today at noon and I got my order in.
I would love to take a stab at converting a ServoCity unit to CIM power but the price is a little steep for my playing around and not being sure.

To continue with this question. We have similar linear actuators from the same place as the op. What if we were to wire this with a spark motor controller such as this one?

I get the point about motors but I’m mostly questioning the wiring right now. Non electrical person, power through the +/- and then the controller through the limit switch input.

Thoughts and feed back appreciated.

I am not sure what question you are asking.
To control any motor/actuator you will need to use an approved motor controller/relay module

R52 With the exception of servos, fans, or hard drive motors permitted in R29, each actuator must be
controlled by a power regulating device. The only power regulating devices for actuators permitted
on the ROBOT include:
A. Motor Controllers
i. Jaguar Motor Controller
ii. SD540 Motor Controller
iii. Spark Motor Controller
iv. Talon Motor Controller
v. Talon SRX Motor Controller
vi. Victor 884 Motor Controller
vii. Victor 888 Motor Controller
viii. Victor SP Motor Controller
B. Relay Modules
i. Spike H-Bridge Relay

See R53 for what you can control with each type of controller

Just look to see what motor your actuator is going to use to find out whether it is possible to use a Spike Relay (Only turns on and off)

Most of the larger motors require a motor controller (like the SPARK)

The legality of your actuator will depend on whether it falls under the allowed actuator regs:

Electrical solenoid actuators, no greater than 1 in. stroke and rated electrical input power no greater
than 10 watts (W) continuous duty at 12 volts (VDC)

If it does not fall under this … it must use a motor from R-29
The type of motor you are using will tell you what your options are to control it

The Spark won’t be an issue.

The motor has a significant chance of being an issue.