Legality of wireless and/or lavalier microphones

Ideally, I would like to be able to mic our drive team while they are competing. I understand that using communication devices is against the rules, and so are 802.x networks. In this context though, they are a one-way path to a recording interface and operate only on UHF/VHF frequencies. This is my primary concern, but I would also like to be able to use wireless mics in other contexts as well. I have not been able to find any specific rules regarding this though, and before I get my team in trouble would just like to find some form of clarification.

(The specific mics I am discussing are EW G3 variants from Sennheiser)

From H303:

Items brought to the ARENA under allowances B-G must meet all following conditions:
V. do not include any form of enabled wireless electronic communication…

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Wired would probably be ok, I’m sure that’s what @Tyler_Olds uses to mic up drive teams?

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I guess my confusion was over what constituted a “communication” device

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I have seen coaches (27 comes to mind) use non-wireless voice amplifier systems (really just a microphone connected to a battery powered speaker on your hip) before to avoid the need to shout over other noise.

If you go that route I recommend hopping over the question box early in the event to let the head ref know. Might prevent a misunderstanding later in the event.


27 uses it not to amplify voice; but for medical reasons FYI.

Although I don’t see it blue-boxed directly in the manual, I believe a good-faith medical exemption would apply for certain devices. I vaguely recall a story about a bluetooth connected insulin pump a drive team member had.

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