Legality question

I wanted to know if it was legal to use the rubber from the FTC wheel as a grip on the end effector for the robot. We used the small wheel and cut the rubber in half and mounted that to our end effector. Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:
Edit: This is for the FTC (VEX) Competition.

If it came in the KOP it’s legal to use it! that’s the one rule that’s easy to figure out.

You do not have to use all the parts in the way they might be intended…for example, we figured out that the piece of pool noodle that is intended for bumpers makes a good ball popping out device.

Alright, thank you for your prompt response! Good luck in the competition.

Jim, it looks like this question was about FTC… my understanding is that their rules for materials utilization are somewhat different than in FRC.

Yeah, it was, sorry, I probably should have mentioned that.
Would it still be legal though?

Yes, and many teams have done similar things in the past.

cool, thanks