So our programming team wants to know if it’s a viable and legal option to stream video from the robot (keeping in mind the bandwidth limit) without streaming it through the ROBORIO.

Use this thread for other legal questions too I guess.

If I understand the question correctly, of course you can, for ex. Axis IP cameras go straight from router to wireless, they don’t talk to the RIO at all.

Use this thread for other legal questions too I guess.

No need. If there are other questions than they should be posted in their own seperate threads.

We’ve sent video to a Beagleboard for processing then through the network, bypassing the rio.

R.I.P your bandwidth

Howso? The bandwidth usage should not depend on the medium of transportation. (If anything, the only difference between the two is that using the usb camera requires roboRIO processor cycles to transfer the data to the router)

JPBlacksmiths is probably referencing your bandwidth being eaten up by the stream as a whole. Make sure you set the resolution/framerate to something that will not overflow your 7mbit allocation, which this year is metered on the radio itself.

Yes this is what i’m describing. Also Rio or no rio it still has to connect to your computer through the radio and the FMS, in which you can only use so much bandwidth.