LEGO digital designer

hey all…

i was wondering if anyone has done anything on the LEGO’s digital designer ( :]

i have to work in a group of 5 to make a set for my foundations of engineering class. the purpose is to get use to working in different computer programs set up for engineers and to test the concept if 5 students in a group is too much or not…

it’s hard to use at times, takes a while to get use too and there aren’t a lot of pieces it seems

I’m not sure what we’ll be designing but if it turns out cool or not I’ll share what we came up w/

i rather just have a box of LEGOs and build from there…but we have to use this program… it is interesting though it gives you the steps you did to build it and you can possibly later sell the set you came up with

well just wondering… and LEGOS still rock! :slight_smile:
they aren’t for lil kids…well then how many us have “grown up”?? :confused:
my professor loves that some of us love LEGOs and still play… :smiley:

I have played with it the Lego Designer program for a few hours.

I built a little car and such, but thats about as far as I got with it.

I still have all my Lego’s, a few years ago I even sorted the gigantic tub I have of them by color, which took days.

I don’t really play with them anymore because I have better things to play with like robots and rc cars.

I do have a few models on display in my room though!

I have used MLCAD/LDraw so this is interesting for me. There are several features which LDraw lacks which I would love to have, and I was hoping that LEGO Designer might deliver those.

It did get some:

  • Snap to align with top of other bricks/holes. Granted, getting a peg to snap into a whole took some moving around, but eventually…
  • Ability to limit to a certain set of pieces. I could see how that would be handy for a professor.

The things I didn’t like:

  • The odd controls. It took me forever to discover that holding down the right mouse button rotates the current piece. None of the help tips told me that…
  • The help tips which pop up all the time. After the first time you read them they aren’t needed…
  • You are limited to a certain set’s pieces (as in, the actual pieces included with a LEGO model). I’m hoping that someday you can go into “unlimited mode” or at least use multiple sets’ pieces in the same model.
  • Limited pieces. The models they do have don’t have many of the technic pieces I use a lot of. However, it looks like that is expandable.

Overall, it could be very nice someday, but at the moment I’ll stick it LDraw.