LEGo EV3 Mindstorm Book

Dear Friends

Over the spring/summer I was fortunate to be working with one of the early EV3 kits and was able to write a book, which I think, will be ideal for FLL teams, both students and coaches. The book contains step-by-step build instructions made with L-Draw, screen shots, and downloadable EV3 code. I go into detail on using the Gyro Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Light Sensor. I work through the basics of how to use loops, switches, MyBlocks, and math functions up to an intermediate level appropriate for FLL competitions. The book works the reader through proportional line code for both the motion sensors and light sensors. The book is available from Packt Publishing as a downloadable e-book for less than $10.

You can buy a Kindle version or a paperback version from Amazon.

Or you can get any digital format from Packt Publishing.

For those of you in FLL, good luck with Nature’s Fury!

Sounds just like what I need for my rookie FLL team who have gone through all the tutorials available with the lego education version.

Thanks for the heads up.