Lego League

Are there any teams that have students who mentor the middle and elementry school kids for lego league? I just want to know because this year I volunteered to organize it, and I want to know if anyone can give me some hints on what I could do with them.

D.J. 45

My team has a few people who help out with a Lego League team at one of the middle schools here. I know one of them on here helps out. Her nick (I think) is spookers180 or something like that. Just message her and she’ll give you whatever tips. It’s our first year doing this, so she may not have too many besides don’t strangle them.

I’m one of two mentors for FLL on my team. It is our first year doing this, so I don’t have any specific tips. We’re mentoring two teams at local middle schools, both consist of 7th and 8th graders. There is another thread about FLL here: Feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions, or you could just post them here, I’m a frequent visitor. :slight_smile:

I’m not helping out with any FLL teams, but other Wildstang members are. We have ~5 students and ~5 adults mentoring various teams, some helping out with multiple teams. If you want advice from any of these people, we have a forum on our website for FLL. Just go to, find the link on the left for team forums and look for ‘Lego League’.


Team 61 mentors 10 FLL teams.

What we did was go out to the schools that wanted to get involved and planned a summer session. I took 20 teachers and gave them a mini class on how to use the lego and how to set up a team.

Team 61 students go around and help out the teams. They do this by
A) software (some kids bring a laptop with them with some programs already set up.)

B) the building team ( some kids go and show the other teams on what they can do with lego. Nice neat thing you wouldn’t think of.)

C) Help line the teams could call in for any problems

Our team 61 puts on a Local competition for 32 teams.

I mentor a FLL team, as a matter of fact, I’m checking these forums in the room where we meet, as I type. :slight_smile: So, if someone needed any help, or anything like that, just give me a hollar I’d be more than glad to help. As Fish mentioned before, this is our teams first year in doing this, so I may not have too many ideas, except for you CAN strangle them while the Sponser of the team isn’t looking :smiley: Trust me, at times, you’ll want to, here they all seem to like to drink Code Red while at meetings. But, if you have any questions or anything I’m going to start posting here again. :slight_smile: