Lego League

Is anyone else here involved much with lego league? I was getting into more of the programming with robolab and I’m wondering if anyone out there is interested in sharing concepts or programs. Also, has anyone programmed the brick with VB?

I help with team in town. We used the RIS though. I tried the robolab and didn’t have time, nor care to figure it out.

We use RIS 2.0 it works pretty well. We were gonna use robolab but 2.0 is darn good.

Our sponsor helped start 13 lego league teams in out state we are hoping to have more next year

I tried to start a Lego League team at a local middle school last year - but the school spent the $300 they were going to give me to start a team on an Ellison Machine (ya know the thing that cuts out letters and shapes? Yeah.) Then I was going to try and start one this year at the school… Our team got permission from the middle school principal to do a FIRST and Lego League demo someitme after school - then, a day before the presentation, I found at that someone had already made plans (and had 20 kids interested) for starting two teams already! The principal either forgot to mention this or something and yeah… the demo didn’t go over so well. We got a lot of kids that were interested in FIRST :), but those who were interested in Lego League didn’t come to the meeting (cause I guess they already had teams). So, yeah, we’re still trying to set up some Lego League teams by our team… but it’s just not working :frowning: Two years ago, some students on our team heped mentor three lego league teams at two elementary schools (but now all those kids are at the middle school!!) Oh well. We’ll see how things go. I guess a letter cutting machine is way more important than an educational program. :rolleyes: Heh.

BUT we do help out at one of our regional Lego League tournaments here in Wisconsin and we hold the State Tournament at our High School - So that’s always a fun time. Students from our team help reset the fields, help in the pits, and are runners. We also sell food at both the Regional and State events and make T-shirts to sell at the State competition to help raise money for our team. The competitions are always a good time :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be running 2 FLLs this fall! :smiley:

I tried organizing a lego league mentoring last year to the 7 middle school teams in town…wow that was a total bomb…

there were a lot of schedule conflicts where they would have meetings before their school starts, but we were already in school…so basicallywe were able to attend a few meetings…Im not going to deal with it this year…too much work that didnt mean a thing (especially when your younger defiant brother is on the team and he wont listen to me anyway :D)

i was a mentor on a lego league team for 2 years. i helped them to program their bot. it is a good program that i hope gets to be a bigger event every year. i am not really sure if i will be mentoring a team this year or not but i do know i will be involved in the program. a few of the engineers on our team head up the local events for lego league and i intend on giving them more help this year in organizing the event.

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I just had a meeting with the director of New York Regional FLL and reviewed the theme for this year.

I’m also trying to recruit two schools in my area to join FLL.
Summer time recruitment is very difficult when no one is around.

No one wants to think of fund raising the $450 necessary need
for new teams.


I mentored two different teams in my school district last year. I tried to help them build sturdy basses, other than that there is a big difference between building a 130lb robot and building a lego 'bot. I gave up on trying to help them anymore than the basses in fear of what might happen. I plan on mentoring again this year, but I want to do the web design/PR/spirit/fun stuff for the teams. I want to try to get them more media coverage and have more fun/spirit at competition.