LEGO League

FIRST LEGO League Competition season is here…Does your team take part?

Question 1…Does your Team sponsor a LEGO League Competition?

Question 2 How many LEGO Teams do you mentor?

Many of our students mentor on multiple FLL teams. There are 18 teams in Appleton, so there are plenty of opportunities there!

We help out with the Appleton regional competition, and host the Wisconsin state FLL tournament (which was yesterday). State is held at Appleton East HS – this year we had 25-30 team members helping out. We sold concessions at the event yesterday and made $1,394.20 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: It rocked. The competition went really well, also.

  • Katie

Hammond has 7 lego teams, and since Hammond has “Neighborhood schools” or a school on every corner :-), if a team member is a mentor, they usually mentor on the team from their elementary or middle school. I know of a few former members who still mentor, or did while they were on the team, and I myself mentor the team that comes from my school. We are a relatively young team this year, so not everyone mentors. We are getting there though.

My friend and I co-coach a team, another student mentors a team, and our team’s mentors each have a team. So I guess our total is 4 teams, with one being COMPLETELY run by students of our team.

We helped two teams last year, but I don’t know if we are doing anything this year.

Poudre High School, Team 159, sponsors a Lego League tournament. We had our tournament last weekend with 46 local teams. It was an awesome day with over 400 students participating. The Poudre High School students organize the tournament and mentor the elementary/middle school teams.

Although our team doesn’t officially host a FLL event, we had at least 2 students on the high school team mentor two teams from Watertown.

Also, myself along with 4 other team members on team 237 volunteered at this weekend’s FLL competition at Central Connecticut State University setting up the fields and monitoring the practice tables and just keeping the event running as smoothly as possible.

This was my 2nd year volunteering up at the FLL event at Central and I had a blast.

I was also happy that one of our Watertownian teams won the 1st place award for Robot Design.

Also, I found out that the FLL’s equivilent of a Charman’s award, the Director’s Award is really big & heavy and has a lego mindstorms controller built into the trophy!!! lol

Next week WPI will be hosting the Massachusetts State Lego League Tournament Robonautica II ( or there’s a link right off the WPI main site

The competition is a lot of fun. It’s Battlecry caliber with the fun of hundreds of excited younger kids. It will be happening this Saturday Dec.14th starting at 9am. The regular qualifying and elimination matches will occur plus a little extra WPI twist at the end “I-75 Life in the Fast Lane” (see website for details) If you’re anywhere nearby, you should come check it out and cheer the Lego Leaguers on!

High school students as well as some college students from our team also mentor several local Lego League teams.

We just started LEGO in our area too…we held our first comp this year ( i was one of the table judges it was crazy but really fun )and we started 13 new teams in our county ( 1 for team every school ). It turned out to be a great success 30 teams and over 300 kids. I encouage everybody to help a team out or try to get it going in your area.

We have had Lego’s here for three years now. In the 950+ sq. miles that our Robotics team covers, we have 6 lego league teams. Three of the five school districts on our team each have two Lego League teams. I mentor two teams in Towanda, and I believe at least one of the other schools has mentors if not both.

yeah we helped out this year and we would have been happy to help with our local team again this year but because the teacher didnt want to sponsor it anymore and there was just too little money it never got off the ground(wow long sentence). So, this year there was no lego league.