Lego Omni Drive

Here is a kiwi omni drive made with RCX. The omni wheels are made out of all lego pieces and drive very well.

dude thats awsome :ahh: :yikes: :smiley: :slight_smile: :]

That is insanely cool. Do you have any videos of it running? I would love to see it in action.

dude! That’s sweet!

Oh, man, that’s cool. I’m selling my mindstorms 2.0 so I can buy a Vex kit. The legos just seemed so limited. Curse you for proving me wrong! :rolleyes:

That blows, both are totally awesome! Fortunately for me, I have both. :rolleyes:

We made something like that, but it was a lot bigger and overly complex. Nice work!

That is awsome man. Great job!


Very cool! How smoothly does it run?

Great work! Now, who will take on the task of a mechanum (SP?) wheel? :smiley:

working on it already. will post pics.

i tried that but I couldn’t get it working so I made the onmiwheels.

These wheels look almost exactly like the lego omni wheels i built back when i was on a team, trying to convince them to use some omni wheels instead of casters…

It kinda worked, seeing as they used omni-casters…

Wow that is awesome!!! does it work as well as a real omniwheel?

sweet! So cool. Great Job.:] :yikes: :]

Great Job!

It looks like a bumpy ride, but a cool one. Do the vectors work out? Does it go the direction you want it to go? Have you made any awesome programs for it?


I’m impressed. I thought making a castor that was different from the one in the guide was tough.

That is pretty cool.

On another note, a couple of years ago there was a middle school student who after seeing Chainzilla (118’s competition robot in the Tetra Challenge) made his own crab drive system on legos and apparently it worked. I thought that was pretty cool when I heard that.