LEGO searches on the internet rising in this holiday season.

You’ve probably already heard, but just in case you haven’t, the holidays are almost here. With less than two weeks to go, parents (as well as kids who know the importance of good research) are sending searches on toys sky high. While high-tech video games are buzzing loudest, low-tech LEGOs are also stacking up in Search.

Searches on the strangely expensive plastic blocks are up 63% this month. Perhaps overly eager parents are preparing their offspring for a career in architecture. Or maybe Mom never heard the urban legend about the kid who crammed a LEGO man torso up his nose and spent his adult years as a circus freak (true story). Either way, all sorts of LEGO sets are surging, with Star Wars LEGOs leading the charge.

Millennium Falcon LEGOs and Cloud City LEGOs are blasting through Search hyperspace from a galaxy far, far away. The awe-inspiring Death Star LEGOs are sure to keep Vader wannabes entertained, however we recommend hiring a licensed contractor to put the 3,417 piece “toy” together. Other LEGO sets putting a spell on shoppers include Harry Potter, Knights Kingdom, and Mindstorms. LEGO may be the most popular brand of building blocks, but rival Mega Bloks is also getting some love from searching shoppers. The RC Cola of brightly colored bricks won’t topple LEGO’s carefully constructed empire any time soon, but their recent Canadian court victory means that, for the time being, folks will have a choice when buying buckets of plastic bricks. Hooray, the system works.

Could it be solely for gift giving purposes, or does FLL have such an impact on society’s youth today, that searches for LEGO based programs such as FLL are strengthening the search for LEGO in general around this time of year???

I would like to think so.


Mindstorms Go!

This made my day. I love those little yellow RCXs. I do however, dislike hte sets. Go out and build your own spaceships, boats, cars, buildings, etcetera, you’ll have a lot more fun.

Yes, Mindstorms!

And exactly, they’ve made too many things into simple pieces that you should have to build yourself