LEGO Unveils new LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics Toolset

I figured the Mindstorms junkies who read ChiefDelphi would love to see this…

It’s a NEW brick with USB and Bluetooth support, combined with a NEW programming environment system developed by LEGO and National Instruments atop LabVIEW. This new system is now PC AND Mac friendly, what a concept!

August is definitely going to be a month where a lot of discretionary spending is going to be happening in the Diaz household…


I’m reading the Wired article on it right now. The new gear looks awesome, but I am sad to see the end of studs on the RCX.

At least I’ll be able to program it now!

ahahaha (pant) (pant) (pant) (drool…)

I’m feeling like hyperventilating right now. THANK YOU LEGO! I cannot wait to try this new system out! One more reason to get involved with FLL. I bet they’ll have a booth at nats showing this new system off and I’m really looking foward to that :slight_smile:

Did anyone else notice that the new color scheme more closely jives with VEX? Perhaps it’s just me. I’m so happy:D

Whoah! That’s umm… different. I don’t like it now, I’m not sure why, and since I haven’t used it I can’t back it up. However, much like how I (and nearly everyone else on these forums) once strongly disliked the new FIRST logo, it’ll pass and I’ll probably end up liking it better than the original.

this sounds pretty cool. it’s been a while since they have launched a whole line of products for Mindstorms.

we’ll see the pros and cons of course.

happy trails and playing hee hee

What an upgrade! Its about time LEGO did that.
The real question is: will this be implemented or allowed for FLL season 2006?

At this point, yes you will be able to use the NXT Mindstorms kits in the 2006 FLL Season. :smiley:

To be fair to every FLL team that may have spent upwards of a thousand dollars on multiple kits, FIRST Lego League will allow the use of either the NXT or the RCX for the 2006 FLL Challenge. FIRST will also have custom NXT Kits that can be purchased when you register a FLL Team in April. These kits will be available specifically for FLL, and will be available in August 2005. (Several months before they are publically available). For future (2007 and beyond), FIRST is considering totally switching over to the NXT.

That’s all I know right now. :wink:

Some pics of the software and the robots they have here at CES. The new software is far better than the previous versions.



Saw this new kit at CES. VERY cool looking.

The best new feature is the built-in feedback control on the new servo-motors. This means that you output a velocity value, instead of a standard voltage value. Every FLL robot should be able to drive straight, with negligible programming.


I spent ssoooooooo many hours in FLL getting that darn robot to track straight and turn near the same amount each time! (and yes, for the record, I was an FLL participant, not a coach)

Lucky Kids! :cool:

Very exciting news, but I’m kind of sad to see that it’s not backwards compatable. Oh well, maybe an upgrade will make that happen. I too miss the studs on the RCX :stuck_out_tongue:

The new MINDSTORMS NXT is now available!
Current price is $249.99 (USD) and it looks so good, I could almost eat it!

Is it just me, or is everything starting to resemble VEX?

We are not retreating, we are simply advancing in another direction.

Which in turn, was probably inspired by the Lego Mindstorms RCX, and VEX definitely stole ideas from Erector sets as well.

<runs from JVN> lol

I’m liking the ultrasonic range finder…

The USB support should make downloading firmware (if its even needed anymore) a snap.

The NXT will need firmware, but its OPEN SOURCE :). look here
I know other OSs existed for the RCX but the source to LEGO’s code will be great.

Bluetooth control from cell phone/PDA anyone :wink: ?

The new kits looks very cool. I can’t wait until my team gets their hands on it. Hopefully it will massively reduce the problem of imprecise sensors. Does anyone know how FLL is going to block the bluetooth communications?

Thats what I was thinking. But NO MORE STUDS ON THE RCX!! Tear. Should make Robofest interesting though if I get my hands on one of these things.

Hehehehehe I get to mentor an FLL team with one of these things…(Must remember to let the kids do the tinkering…Must remember to let the kids do the tinkering…Must…)

Yeah, I think its going to be pretty hard to mentor this year and not mess with the team’s robot, especially if you’re a new mentor (former student). These kits look very cool. Does anyone know when they will be shipped to FLL team who bought new kits as part of the registration package?