LEGOs for Prototyping?

Who else uses LEGOs for prototyping?

We don’t, buyt that isn’t a bad idea.

T_T Why couldn’t Dover, NH have a robotics team… sighs Oh well! I am in Seattle and we have one! :smiley:

LoL…did this thread idea como from this??:
Well this year our team thought it would be interesting (and a whole lot of fun) to build a LEGO prototype robot because unfortunately, our 2005 Kit of Parts hasn´t arrived yet…so all we did was rally up some students to build a LEGO bot just to get a visual perception of some mechanical ideas we had…and these miniature models could possibly become references for our FRC bot…(!)…they´re actually quite useful…
our 04 prototype
offseason prototype

we… or at least i always make a lego prototype first. makes things easier to visualize that way. and way more easier to adjust than drawing one in inventor.

i think i posted a couple more pics of the models but cant find them throught the search feature. so if you sort through the photogalleries you’ll see them.

haha, we do.

we wanted to get members of our lego league team to work with it and robolab and make it actually move…but we haven’t quite gotten that far. :wink:

I like, it’s a good idea.

we never used legos really but the idea was mentioned to help us pick out a design for our arm. one student did make an arm with a turret. it was pretty cool and fun.

so much you can do w/ legos

who needs LEGOs when u have incentive?

Team 772
Club Sandwich

I think it’s a good idea to use them. That way, you can see what the robot will look like beforehand and even compare it with field objects if you build those too. I know people can blueprint, but a visual aid always helps.

In my opinion, LEGOs just won’t cut it. I believe that a good life-sized model works pretty well for a rough design. Its harder to create a model with midel-sized forces of gravity…reffering to the pull of a tetra on the fully extended arm. How hard would it be if you made an accurate model of a tetra?

hey just make a full size robot outta legos.

or who said we ONLY use legos. we use legos to create ideas and see how theyd look and fit, and then make full scale wood prototypes

We occasionally use Legos to build quick models of some subsystems, and they have been really, really useful. But more frequently, we make use of a big pile of about 50 pounds of K’nex to make models of the entire robot (up to 1/2 scale). And for this year, it is a lot easier to make a tetra with K’nex that with Legos.


I like LEGO prototyping; it’s a quick and easy way to convey design ideas to other team members. It makes a good presentation model to a group. I also rely on modelling with foamboard and wood for final prototyping of the sub-assemblies and end-affects.

I think that Legos would be better (and easier) than, say, making a life-size model out of styrofoam. And it would be nice to build a Lego model before a life-size version, just to get a general idea of what it’ll be like. :]

It´s very interesting use LEGO for prototyping. They help the decision for how we going to construction the robo…