Length of wire off of main breaker

What is the maximum length of the wire from your main breaker to your battery and or PDP?

I can’t find it in the game manual, and electrical team needs to find out.

I don’t believe there is one, but you want to make them as short as possible to minimize power loss.

The length of cable from the battery to the SB50 connector can’t be longer than 12", otherwise the battery assembly would have to be weighted with the robot. Other than that, there’s no limit on how long your main power wires can be.

R5 has " B. ROBOT battery and its associated half of the Anderson cable quick connect/disconnect pair (including no more than 12 in. (~30 cm) of cable per leg, the associated cable lugs, connecting bolts, and insulation)"

So Battery to it’s anderson connector has a max 1’ length, but other than that I know of no wire length rules. But you do want them as short as possible for power reasons.

While I do not believe there is a limit, you want it to be as short as is physically possible. If I could make a bot that had a total of 6 inches from the battery to breaker to PDP and back again, I would. Every inch you add is throwing away a little bit of potential robot performance.

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To clarify and combine, R5 allows the battery assembly as an exemption to robot weight if each leg is no more than 12" long.

There is no rules-maximum on the robot side of the SB connector, but the longer the cable, the greater the voltage loss and heat generation in your main cables. 6AWG copper wire has a resistance of 0.4mΩ per foot. At 100A robot draw, this is .04V per foot. If you have 10 ft of cable (and be sure to count both red and black), you will lose 1V at 250A, which you can do for quite a few seconds in a pushing match or during a climb.

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Aidan, other than length spec on battery side, there has never been a rule on wire length on robot. Best practice is “as short as possible”.

Thank you for all the replies my team has figured it out

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