Lesser-Known Product Vouchers / AutomationDirect.com

I’ve reminded at least a few unaware teams of the existence of these recently, so I figured I’d post here to remind everyone about all the freebie vouchers and other support programs available in the KOP.

See http://www3.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/kit-of-parts, and scroll down to the “Virtual Kit” area. Everyone knows about the AndyMark, IFI, and Banebots donation vouchers, and most likely know about the Bimba cylinder donation, but there are many teams who are probably completely unaware of the others.

www.automationdirect.com, for instance, has a wide array of useful sensors and other products relevant to applications like ball detection and non-contact endpoint sensing for your catapult or linear shooter. In addition to a $30 donation voucher (see your KOP for the insert with the code), they are offering FREE two-day shipping on any orders totalling $49 or more (the $30 value of the voucher is a separate promotion and not included in that offer). If you need sensors fast (they can often be a late-build or early-competition season bot addition), it’s a great place to look!

Also, if you haven’t taken a close look at the information in your igus bag in the KOP, I highly recommend it. Y.E.S. is one of my favorite acronyms this year! :cool:

They also have pneumatic fittings. We replenished our supply of elbows, and got some “X” shapped fittings that we’ve never used before. Shipping was $6.00…very good deal!

Also remember Digikey, Maxbotix, and Inventables - got a spool of 3D printer filament from them!