Lets build a website! (Red Alliance Teaser)

Hi guys, this is Lucas Pickett, a FIRST robotics alum, and I’ve been working on a little project during an extended break from college. Since I love statistics and found an insane amount of data from FIRST websites, I decided to work on a rankings website for FRC. Right now, I am affectionately deeming it “The Red Alliance.” Coming in with no knowledge of php, html, css, or javascript, I feel accomplished with what I have done so far, but it feels like somewhat of an incomplete website. I know how passionate the FIRST community is about anything robotics related, and I want to have you all help out in designing and implementing this website. I have a repository of my work so far with the website in a GitHub, and a link to a discord I set up. Although I know this will not rival the Blue Alliance, I think it would be a fun project to work on, and a hilarious concept once it comes to fruition. Thanks, and I hope to hear from yall soon!

GitHub Link
Discord Link


This looks like a fun project! Just make sure you’re not using any material from The Blue Alliance; that could go south fast. (Like this, don’t use it: https://github.com/lapickett/Red-Alliance/blob/master/Lamp.png)

I wouldn’t put it as harshly as “could go south fast”, but yes, TBA discourages anyone not affiliated with them from using their lamp logo in a way not allowed by their branding standards.

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Yes, TBA’s branding standard is that

You are free to modify and use these logos when referring to or linking to The Blue Alliance. Unacceptable modifications include tilting, rotating, stretching, cropping, styling with any 3D effect, displaying at partial opacity, and changing the logo’s color.

Please do not make derivatives of these logos or use them to brand unofficial The Blue Alliance products so we can maintain our visual identity.

While this is an awesome project and I’m glad you’re enjoying working on it, we ask that you please not use any TBA visual assets or use TBA logos to brand websites or products unaffiliated with TBA so that we can maintain our visual identity.

If you have other questions about TBA’s branding standards, please drop us a line and we’d be happy to clarify


FYI, there used to be a FRC website called The Red Alliance. It’s no longer active, but it existed.


With blue alliance and orange alliance existing people may think that red alliance would be for Lego league


Not sure about what The Red Alliance is aiming for. This might be related:

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The red alliance (new name tbd), is aiming for a learning opportunity for students like me to work on their programming skills, specifically ones that deal with website design. I will change the logo as well.

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