Lets get some sleep

Everyone has been running around straining their brains to no end trying to figure out the clues and what not… give your brains a rest for a day and 23 hrs!!
you’ll be straining it non-stop for the next siz weeks. you’ll find out the answer to your problems in a few days.

Sleep? What is sleep? Isn’t that what those non-FIRSTers do during the late night hours instead of machining parts or debugging code? Silly non-FIRST people, they don’t have a robot to finish and deadlines to meet. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

A fellow FIRSTer posted this in the Chat tonight.
I think it is not only relevant to this topic as a slogan, but also should be a DS&TKB song.

<http://www2.akro-net.org/pjirc/img/music_note.gif>“Wake me up when off season ends.”</http://www2.akro-net.org/pjirc/img/music_note.gif> (To the tune of Green Day of course)

I can’t take credit for that at all, that was all Conor Ryan’s doing.

Sleep is for the weak!

lol thats a good idea!!! and i’m definelty not a non-firster.
2004 season i was at school untill atleast 11pm, sometimes later, with just our teacher… our robot that year was built completely by me the only thing not done by me was the wiring and programing!! thats y i need sleep now! so that i can stay awake!!
when i’m at school working 2am sumtimes i’m thinking why the hell am i doing this??
well because i love it and its what I want to do!
iv’e never had my parents be more supportive to me except in this… when i’m not doing robotics they complain about me calling them that late but when i’m doing robotics they stay up just to wait for me to call for a ride home… or sometimes my dad would come up and give us a hand!
and hey wats 1 day and 23 hrs sleep before 6 weeks of constant thinking and working and not sleeping and not paying attention in class because i’m busy figuring out where to position the pneumatics to get the best force and other stuff.
this year is going to be hard for me as all but 1 other person is completely new to robotics.(nathan)
we had robotics as a class this semster, lets just say students that joined figured it would be a class thats easy marks so they won’t fail. from what iv’e seen since september only a few of them will be good workers willing to learn and help…try explaining a billion times that its NOT battlebots and they still don’t get it.
i’m really hating the fact that this is my last highschool year… i don’t like the idea of coming back as a mentor as i can’t really participate i more less teach and give ideas… i love the hands on and the constant stress. its an adrenaline rush like no other…

so whats 1 day and 23 hrs sleep for all that!!!
hmmm well that contradicts my idea cuz all that makes sleep pointless!!**

ok well what to do with this 1 day and 23hrs ummm well i’m gonna have to eat pizza everyday… lets make myself a true meal steak, potatoes… no veggies need lots of fat!! manly food!!! hmm find lots of music to listen to for 6 weeks… go buy energy drinks and bars and anything else to keep me awake…eat lots and lots of junk and put on lots and lots of weight so that when the 6 weeks and 3 day competition is over i’ll be back to the weight i am now…

roflmao see this i what happens when someone hasn’t slept for ummm since christmas!!! they go crazy and bable on!

ok well i don’t feel like deleting all this but ya my main point about sleeping has been nullified!!!because sleep is pointless!!!

I have yet to see ‘SLEEP’ in the KOP.
If it was in the KOP you would be allowed to sleep some during the build season. Since it’s not, by the end of the 6 weeks you will end up thinking sleep is just a vicious rumor :slight_smile:
Take care and let’s have a great year.

This is why I’m going to switch to the Uberman sleep schedule. I used this schedule a while back (although it was slightly altered), and it gave me more free time than I could possibly have comprehended with the normal 8-hour clump.

from the link: Uberman’s sleep schedule is a potentially dangerous way to increase your waking hours. Although I found success with it to this point, there still may be physical and psychological dangers that I have not yet met, and there may be grave difficulties for others attempting the cycle.

wasnt this the basis of a Steinfeld episode - the one where Kramer wakes up in a cavas bag at the bottom of the Hudson river?

REM sleep is only one part of the normal rest cycle, you need the deeper (non-REM) sleep as well. When I was in the Coast Guard I had to stand two 4 hour radio watches each day, with 8 hours in between, on a rotating schedule. Nothing messes up your head worse than an ad-hoc sleep cycle.

It feels like perpetual jet-lag. It might work for some people, but Ive learned: Im definately NOT Superman.

A few times I got off duty at 8AM, laid down for ‘a few minutes’ and ended up sleeping for 24 hrs (my whole day off), waking up the next day just in time to be late for my next radio watch!

KenWittlief: Even though the sleep schedule took some time getting used to, once I got into the swing of the schedule I felt great. I’d probably still be doing it, but school started up again and I had to terminate it because to shift times would be difficult to do, and simply stopping it would make it a lot easier for me.

I will admit, however, that this is not for everybody. If you are the type of person who absolutely needs to get 8 hours of sleep or can’t stand the lack of sleep, this schedule is not for you. You also shouldn’t do this if you are injured and/or sick, because your body needs all the sleep it can get to heal.

I think we can use non-functional SLEEP. EG: Only if said SLEEP is for decorative purposes.

i think ill try it, as is, i dont really sleep any way (like 5 hours, maybe less)