Let's Go Browns!

Super Bowlllllllllll Super Brownsssssssssssssss

Let’s discuss the best teams in football, including the amazing rebirth of the title hopes of a historic NFL franchise.

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wow this is somehow worse than my posts


As a life-long Browns fan, I have to admit I don’t think I’m ready for a Super Bowl appearance.

And the more appropriate question isn’t have they won. It’s have they even appeared in a Super Bowl :slight_smile:

Ah yes, the quality posts I come to CD for. Thanks Travis and more importantly, go browns!

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Oh boy :man_facepalming:

Why don’t any of you have Chit Chat muted? Seems like a poor life choice.

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Nope. But they DID win 4 NFL Championships and 4 AAFC titles. :wink:

The Browns currently have the sixth-best chances of winning Super Bowl 54, according to people tasked with ranking teams for important reasons. I’m not aiming that high - I would be perfectly content with a division title. But I could see things falling their way if all the lofty projections and expectations are met. Exciting time to be a Browns fan. :slight_smile:

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Just remember…the Browns would have to go undefeated for 4 or 5 seasons to get to .500 for the decade. Just saying.

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2002 lose in the wild card round levels of excitement? Get hype

Fun fact - I was at that game with my dad (Steelers fan). I was the only Browns fan in the section. The Browns ran up the score in the first half - an enjoyable time. At halftime, I told everyone around me to watch the Browns blow it in the 2nd half. They of course did. I think the Steeler fans were sad they couldn’t rub it in.

Browns fans are moving on from the past - having a quarterback and a competent coaching staff changes everything. Stealing ODB from New York was a cherry on top. Fans are confident and excited. This apparently causes angst among the media and select fans of other teams, who feel that the Browns’ preordained place in the cosmos is at doormat level. I think the team will be happy to disappoint those folks this season and beyond.

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image https://media.giphy.com/media/oYtMzktkQz4Jy/giphy.gif


ODB and OBJ - fits all the same. :slight_smile:

“He doesn’t even know the initials!”

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Disclaimer: am lions fan who can also not really claim anything

Aren’t you from Minnesota based on your team number? Unless you’re not a Vikings fan, I don’t think you have anything to claim yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

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That had to be a fun one to be at. I was at Bottlegate the year before - not nearly as much fun.

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I was at Bottlegate as well. The fans’ ultimate actions were certainly not justified, but I 100% understand their absolute disgust with the referees. That was the most appalling display of incompetence and communication breakdown I’ve ever witnessed out of a paid referee crew. That situation could have been defused if the refs would have simply EXPLAINED to the public what was going on.

I really love Ohio, but I would love if Baker Mayfield would sneak over to the Colts.

Why would you want that, with the literal-not-figurative goat (presumably) 100% healthy?

I’m not sure I would trade Baker for Luck. I would however trade the Browns’ offensive line (not shabby at all) with the Colts’. :slight_smile:

Colts would be stronger with Mayfield as a back up :wink:

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